Monday, 22 April 2013

Part 2

On the 14th August 1947 midnight ( that was 15th August) Pundit Nehru addressed to the nation emphasizing on India's awakening to light and freedom. Despite a gloomy and gory backdrop of mass genocide, Indians all across celebrated the Independence day with full gusto and delight. Why not? To any Indian it was the end of tyranny of foreign rule for centuries, nay for millennia; farewell to despotic Kings and Monarchs, to the unjust foreign rulers. On 26th day of November 1949, we the people of India gave to ourselves the longest Constitution of the world. The elaborate Constitution committed to the citizens of this newly born nation: Justice-- social,economic and political; Liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship; Equality of status and opportunity, Fraternity, Human dignity etc.These promises were like dream-come-true and words unheard before on this large land-mass called India. The empowerment of the common man in his motherland looked so comforting and so much so inspiring that the wound of foreign rule became history and the road ahead looked rosy and bright. In the meantime 66 years have passed with 66 hot and dusty Indian summers and cold and biting winters. In our adventure in self-rule and in our experiment with democracy, we have stumbled, faltered and in the process have created a society which is scary, dangerous and antithetical to human dignity. The Frankenstein is out. We are not far away from anarchy and self-destruction. The Mayans went wrong in their prophecy of Dooms day, but our engineers of destruction are all out untiringly and unfailingly to prove them right. ( to be continued )