Monday, 22 April 2013

Part 4

The intermediaries between the police and the judiciary are the legal professionals. It is an irony that majority of the legal professionals are seldom knowledgeable about law. They thrive on common man's ignorance of the complicated legal system of our country. Your association with a legal practitioner for remedy is a bonding for rest of your life. The remedy always drifts farther from you and like a drowning man you catch on to the straw. You are dragged into a vicious circle of no escape. Even an innocent person has to quickly learn from his legal adviser, why he might prove guilty and why he should stick on to him for his safety. Mind manipulation is a very dangerous tool used by these guardians of justice to doom your life to unending damnation. There are no doubt some brilliant and highly knowledgeable legal professionals in our country, even at our vicinity also. But they are either devoted to twist the interpretation of law to the benefit of their clientele; in other words even to provide protection to the perpetrators of crime. In their Lucifer like powerful oratory and ominous knowledge of the deficiency in the legal system, they quite often than not ,succeed in protecting their criminal clientele. For common, ordinary, poor and innocent people to reach these misguided brilliant minds is like asking for moon. They are overloaded and are exorbitantly expensive for the ordinary. Where do you go now for upholding justice and human dignity? Keep yourself consoled by reading the Constitution, which has been made practically inoperative and crippled by the custodians of justice. But we Indians are very adept in philosophizing sufferings with religious references. When we go helpless, we always say that there is a God who knows the truth and he will definitely punish the wicked and save the innocent. I wish, such a God should read our Constitution and also pay more attention to our predicament. Where are we heading for? If the pillar of justice is infested by termite like administrators and intermediaries, the social edifice is bound to crumble. Along with it many other vital Institutions of our society are sure to fall giving way to anarchy. A country like India with such vast diversity and large population will not be able to withstand this imminent collapse, the process of which has already set in. Bomb blasts in Hyderabad, Delhi or Mumbai are gross physical expression of how violent our society is. But the subtle violence and cruelty in our society does not kill a few dozens of people here and there, but these are poisons for a billion of people who haplessly consume it everyday. I had my own close encounter with the horrifying process of justice, which I will reveal with minute details at an appropriate time. But when I myself hold the view that our noble Constitution has become inoperative, I am afraid whether I should exercise my fundamental right to Freedom of expression. ( to be continued )