Monday, 22 April 2013

Part 5

The impoverishment of judicial process is a sinister sign, for it negates other fundamental rights granted to the citizens of this country. Gradually power-wealth-influence centers have taken the front stage snatching away the rights of the common and ordinary citizens. Who does not know that one has to appease the greed, egos and in some cases the nefarious desires of the Babus, Police, Politicians even for one's legitimate rights? If one has proximity to power center, to police officials one can even victimize innocent people, can drive upright human beings to lunacy.This I will elaborate with case history in appropriate time. We are not living in a free society, we are not living in a welfare society, rather we are living in a hypocritical frame work and a violent society. Every day like slow poison subtly and cunningly violence is inflicted on us. Historically, Indians are a tolerant people and they assign everything to their fate. Because of this passive traits in us we take every thing in our stride. the fear lurks that if you are reluctant to accept the designs of the powerful and influential people you are sure to be victimize and endangered. Who does not know that big money changes hand in political circles? Who does not know that rules and laws are bent to favor the rich? Who does not know that the police force is a puppet in the hands of their political masters? Who does not know that we are ruled by an inefficient and corrupt bureaucracy? Who is not aware that politicians, businessmen, bureaucrats, police people posses assets disproportionate to their known source of income? This grim state of affairs is breaking down the boundaries of tolerance slowly, and is manifested in several social maladies, deviant behaviors and anti-social activities, some times terrorism. Psychologists say that the deviant behavior of the child can be traced to the behavior pattern of the parents. In the same logic, the ever increasing crime scenario in our country such as rape, murder, violence etc. have their origin in the malfunctioning of our judicial and administrative system. Deployment of umpteen number of police force will not ameliorate the situation unless we fight with courage against injustice and corruption not being swayed away by the empty slogans and manipulated statistics. India to remain unified and shine as a great nation needs restoration of high standard of values and ethics, which were the cannons of social existence in the past. Be aware that Indians are, particularly, not very patriotic.