Saturday, 13 July 2013

Who Is In Love With Truth?

Truth needs to be redefined in our Indian context. Truth has already become a vague term. It is important who says it, not what is said. I appreciate Mr Munde's courage to speak out something which is an open secret. Who does not know that what is shown as the expenses in electioneering is only the tip of the iceberg. Rules are framed to generate documents; not to divulge truth.Everyday all around us so much lies are pronounced, it is difficult to discover the needle of truth from the haystack of lies.

In a corrupt society like ours, a lie can turn into truth by the influence of money and power; and a truth will be brushed aside as no one believes that there are some Indians who still adhere to truth as a morality.

Our moral decadence is complete. Hence, if one emphatically says that he is telling truth, people suspect him more, or look at him, as if an extinct species uttering out from a fossilized history.